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From Then to Now

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2019. The year of dreams.
The year of love. The year of Sankeys.

As we turn 25 we are ecstatic to announce an inimitable 25th anniversary tour across England, Scotland & Ireland.

Well, here we are at 25... Who would have thought we would still be partying on after the amount of energy our family puts in to every event? Its remarkable and spectacular to say the least. We have come a very long way from where we started but we can never forget our roots and our true home of Manchester.

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It all started in the rave hay-day of 1994 at Sankeys Soap. What a venue, what an experience, what a rave. These are the words any Sankeys Mancunian would stand by and for many good reasons. This is the place where Sankeys first rose to greatness and hosted some of the biggest artists in the world up until 2006 when the venue had a major refurbishment and just like that, the iconic venue was reborn. The famous grid lighting installed became synonymous with the venue u until 2017 when the venue regrettably shut down leaving many dedicated fans with a hole in their heart.

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Luckily for anyone feeling hard done by the party lived on long and strong at Sankeys Ibiza where many mesmerising events happen still to this very day bringing together some amazing brands including FUSE, Do Not Sleep, Unusual Suspects, Diynamic, Tribal Sessions and many more but that’s not all. Our London family carried on the UK legacy with working alongside Studio 338 to throw some of the best parties the UK has ever seen with bigger production and more capacity.

So... This is our story and it's only just beginning. Join us for our next chapter in making history and be a part of our most colossal parties to date...

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Our 25th Anniversary Tour

To kick things off, the first peg of our largest event series will be held at our spectacular London home, Studio 338, on the 23rd February which will showcase two of our biggest headliners, two Sankeys’ favourites. Looking ahead, we then bring our flagship 25th anniversary festival to Manchester on 13th July to a new venue we haven't ever used before. Excited yet? If not how does this tickle your fancy...

Alongside these events we will be bringing single monumental shows to Leeds, Bristol, Kent, Essex, Sheffield, Southampton, Newcastle, Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Liverpool and Birmingham!

We think it’s fair to say you can find us in a city near you! Join the celebrations and become part of our family again and again.

This is who we are. This is what we do. This is Sankeys.